Cool Pocket Knives – Tool With Cutting Cutting Ability

Best Pocket Knives, Pocket Knives for Sale
Best Pocket Knives, Pocket Knives for Sale

Knife (Knives) is a tool with the cutting ability with the help of an edge. Most knives have handles. The primitive concept of a knife was more toward a weapon for hunting rather than a tool as we may refer it nowadays.

Cutlery Knives

Knives over a passage of times have transformed from various changes each serving a particular task. For instance, Cutlery Knives, also known as (aka) Kitchen knives has a ton of variety within this category itself. Butter Knife as the name suggest is primarily used to spread the butter of a toast or bread. Another example for Kitchen Knives are fillet knives and Cleaver (Butcher Knife). This list can go on and on and on as there’s a very vast variety in the Cutlery Knives Category.

Knives As Weapons

We as a civilization have evolved so much that we do look at knife nowadays more of a tool or an everyday cool pocket knife rather than a weapon. There’s no doubt how the movies have embedded the bizarre reality of knives being associated with weapon so no doubt if we do see any person with a knife at night we would be alarmed & petrified.

Knives As Tool

On the contrary there’s a whole market for collectibles where people who would love to collect cool pocket knives. Best example being the firefighter, police, military have made these knives as an EDC (Everyday Carry) item.

Because we do look up at our forces with pride there’s no doubt because of them there’s a huge market for these collectible cool pocket knives. These knives carried by our esteemed forces are Tactical Knives which may offer essential for survival such as a glass breaker, seat belt cutter & even some are equipped with para cord.

Cool Pocket Knives

As we speak of cool pocket knives the first thing that would come to anyone mind is safety? The modern era of knives makers (Blacksmiths) first priority is the safety of users. These cool pocket knives are equipped with mechanism such as; frame lock / axis lock & arch lock / liner lock to prevent the accidents.

Before these mechanism was introduced there was no concept of safety compared to what we have nowadays thus injuries were common back then. Who would have thought that knives would have traveled such a long distance in time and transform into various form to make it the best EVERYDAY CARRY ITEM.


Pocket Knives can be used for Different Tasks – Read Here

Best Pocket Knives, Pocket Knives for Sale

A pocket knife is a knife that folds and can have one or more than one blades. It should also fit into the pocket. Pocket knives can be used for different tasks. Self-defense, cutting vegetables, or cutting thread and they were first made long ago. The modern pocket knife is better, lighter, sharper and has a great feel to it. They are not very big, just the ideal size to fit in your pocket.

The price range starts from under $ 4.50 and to a maximum of $ 7.24. They come in all kinds of colors and designs. People of all ages can relate to them. The pocket knives I am talking about are all branded knives. Master USA, MTech USA, TAC-FORCE, Elk Ridge, Dark Side Blades, and Masters collection are the brands that are available on our website.

You are guaranteed to get a high quality branded pocket knife for under $ 7.25. There are many benefits of carrying these knives. They will help you with daily chores like cutting fruit in the morning or cutting a loose thread on cloth or cutting twigs. If there is any mail you can open it with a knife. Any letters can also be opened with it.

If you take time out to go outdoors, camping or fishing a pocket knife is a must have. It will give you confidence that you have a self-defense weapon in case any bad people arrive or wild animals. They usually weigh no more than half a pound and can be carried easily in your pocket. You will feel more secure by carrying a pocket knife in your everyday life as well.

There are different kinds of pocket knives, you can get a tactical spring assisted pocket knife. This type of knife has everything to do with tactics. You can also get a hunting pocket knife. You can also get a spring assisted knife in which to open the knife quickly there is a spring in the knife. A regular folding knife will keep you safe anywhere.

On the street as well as on camping and hiking trips. The lowest you can expect to spend on a pocket knife is $2.49. It will be on a karambit tactical folding knife. You can get one for every person in your family for under $20 total spent. We carry some of the rarest pocket knives.

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Pros & Cons of 3 Knife Deployments – Spring Assisted Knives

Spring Assisted Knives, Cheap Knives

Today we are going to analyze the 3 different types of knife mechanism with regard to EDC knives and their respective systematic abilities offered to the end user. We will analyze the automatic, fixed, and assisted knives mechanism. We will specifically analyze the knife action with regard to deployment. Have a look at the below-given list:

Automatic Blade Mechanism: Pros & Cons

An automatic knife is very much like a spring assisted knives with regard to their functionality. The only significant difference is it requires no moving/assistance to get into deployment. All you have to do is simply press the button and the knife will do the remaining of its own.

Pros of Automatic Blades

  • Similar to the functionality of assisted blades, the automatic blades are lightweight, offer an ultra-fast deployment, and is excellent for a single-handed use.
  • Automatic blades are absolutely ‘cool’ for showing off to your friends and family.

Cons of Automatic Blades

  • Generally, automatic knives are illegal in many states to carry and use. Therefore, before you purchase this knife, it is important to check with your local laws about their legality.
  • The lock-ups of automatic knives can be quite flaky. There is the possibility that you might be unable to keep the blade steadily locked, which can also lead to harm and injury.

I would recommend getting an assisted opening knife as it is more consistent with regard to knife functionality. Also, it is safer to use.

Fixed Blade Mechanism: Pros & Cons

This is the simplest form of knife blade available in the market and online stores. There are no pivots used in the knife manufacturing which means that either, the blade is full-tang or, it is placed in the knife handle as a non-full-tang blade. All you have to do is pull the knife out of its sheath and use it wherever needed.

Pros of Fixed Blades

  • Fixed blades are sturdy and durable blades that can endure more pressure and abuse than any of the folding knives. This is due to the absence of pivot points.
  • Fixed blades carry a minimal risk of getting broken which makes them a perfect EDC and survival knife.

Cons of Fixed Blades

  • Fixed blades can be heavy and bulky which might make them difficult to use as an everyday carry knife.

This is the perfect blade with regard to camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. It is highly recommended for those who are planning to spend a week out in the wilderness.

Assisted Blade Mechanism: Pros & Cons

Contrary to the fixed blade, a spring assisted knife has springs in its mechanism which help in the deployment of the blade. It has also more moving parts as compared to the fixed and manual blade. Typically, the blade of a spring assisted knife leaves the handle via a push button or a flick.

Pros of Assisted Blades

  • Assisted opening blades are definitely faster than other knife opening mechanisms.
  • These are legal in most of the states and can be effectively used with a single hand.

Cons of Assisted Blades

  • There are simply too many moving parts built within an assisted knife, which means that if one part goes wrong it might impact the whole blade’s mechanism.


If you are looking for an amazing high-speed deployment knife, this is your blade to stick to. Choose the knife you are the most comfortable with.

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Top 4 Ninja Weapons – Knives Deal



There exists a much-heated debate about ninja weapons with regard to which weapons belonged truly to ninjas and which ones is nothing but merely fiction. The truth is that no ninja claim can be made with true conviction.

However, after exploring the stealthy cultural past of the Japanese ninjas, I have come up with a list that comprises 4 amazing ninja weapons based on my personal choice. Since you are reading this article, I assume that you are a die-hard ninja fan and can’t wait to go through the below-given list:

  1.   The Amazing Katana Swords

All ninja lovers are simply obsessed with the famous katana swords. As per popular belief, ninjas and samurais carried three types of swords: two longer blades and one short blade. The longer blades are the katana and the daitō; whereas, the shortest sword is the wakizashi.  The longer swords were used in out-door combats; however, the short sword proved highly effective during indoor close combats.

  1.   The Useful Ninja Kunai Knife

This ninja weapon is most popular with aspiring ninjas. Primarily, a kunai refers to a gardening tool used by peasants during the time period of feudal Japan. With the help of a kunai, ninjas could dig, pry, and even fight during combats. The modern version of this knife refers to a throwing knife.

  1.   The Surprising Wooden Staff ()

Concealed weapons and poison could be carried inside the hollow wooden ninja staffs. The beauty of this ninja weapon lies in its availability and simplicity. During combats, the effectiveness of a ninja staff depended on the leverage and proficiency with which a simple tool like this could be turned into the deadliest weapon.

  1.   The Ninja’s Stealth

Some might object to this; yet, I believe that the stealth of a ninja is an amazing weapon in itself. Contrary to the popular belief that all ninjas were dressed in black, the truth is that ninjas knew how to blend in and blend in the crowd dressed as monks, farmers, and gardeners. The ninja’s essential feature was their stealth that enabled them to operate and complete their secret missions with minimum armor.

To sum up, this list contains only the best of the ninja’s deadly arsenal. All weapons carry important glimpses of the ancient Japanese culture and tradition. If you are a modern ninja, these amazing weapons are a must-have. Espionage and assassination could not have been made possible without the assistance of these amazing ninja weapons.

9 Common Knife Myths Explained


There are a whole lot of knife myths which get repeatedly told on the internet. Now, if you are a collector of cheap survival knives, you might be wondering about the authenticity of such common knife myths.

Many of such knife myths are also believed to be true by die-hard knife lovers who believe whatever they read on the internet without even questioning their authenticity. The below-given list comprises nine common and popular knife myths which are unquestioningly believed by the majority of the world’s population. Let’s have a look:

  1.   Some Blades Require No Sharpening

This is a false statement, all knives require regular sharpening. Advertisements that claim ‘zero maintenance’ preach a lie. Depending on the knife material, some blades have better edge retention; however, all knives require regular sharpening.

  1.   Sharp Knives are Safer than Dull Knives

The validity of this statement depends on how one interprets the word “safe”. Focusing on a knife’s blade alone, it is actually more ‘dangerous’ than a dull knife. If you are judging a knife based on the damage it can inflict; then, a dull knife is definitely ‘safer’ to use than a sharp knife.

  1.   Stainless Steel Doesn’t Rust

Despite the name, stainless steel is not 100% free of rust and corrosion. Like any other knife material, stainless steel requires to be properly looked after as well so that the buildup of corrosion and rust can be prevented.

  1.   Automatic Knives Guarantee Quick Deployment

Even this myth is false. Depending on the scenario and the situation, manual knives, such as spring assisted knives can be faster with regard to deployment in contrast to automatic knives. It also depends on the knife models.

  1.   Edge Retention

It might be true to some extent that the harder the steel is the better the edge retention. However, if the blade is too hard, it can actually turn brittle and break.

  1.   The Power of Books and Coins

A thick book can actually save a person from getting sliced by a blade. Coins, on the contrary, might temporarily stop the blow but they can’t stick to one place like a book.

  1.   No Knives During Gunfights

A knife’s capability should not be underestimated! In close quarter fights a knife is actually easier to maneuver as compared to a gun.

  1.   One Blade Cuts Another Blade

This might be possible in fiction and tale but not in real life.

  1.   High Price Reflects a Better Knife


Another false myth; you can get cheap survival knives that have excellent quality. Cheap knives function as well as do expensive knives depending on the material.

How to Choose Your First Airsoft Gun?


If you are new to the airsoft sport then you would like to have some experience prior to purchasing your first airsoft pistol or airsoft sniper rifle. Airsoft guns are super cool and give you the feel as if you are maneuvering real weapons.

Not every airsoft weapon has to be a tricked out weapon since there is plenty to choose from with regard to cheap airsoft pistols and sniper rifles. Now if your budget is tight you are likely to buy an airsoft weapon that suits your budget.

Once you know the budget, the next step is to select the type of gun or rifle you are comfortable with. Also, with a high budget but no experience, it might be better if you would start with airsoft sniper rifles and airsoft pistols.

Before you settle down for the kind of airsoft guns that you want to get your hands on, you have to understand your airsoft position with regard to the role you want to play on the battlefield. If you intend to choose from far distances then you might want to consider gas or spring rifles.

If you want to fire while running then you might want to opt for a lighter gun, such as a small-sized auto electric gun (AEG). If you want something light but more reliable you can choose between getting a lightweight rifle or SMG (submachine gun).

If you want to keep it light along with keeping your opponents overawed you might want to choose a light or even heavy machine airsoft gun. Whatever airsoft guns you chose, the best part is that you can store your magazines with you and recharge whenever required.

In case you want to be a sniper, it will impact your choice since you will be stuck with cheap airsoft guns. Being a sniper might sound cool, but the truth is you don’t get a lot to do.

Mostly, you are glued to one point waiting for the target to approach so you can shoot. My personal recommendation is to go for cheap airsoft guns since it will enable to shoot many opponents while being able to run around and aim.

Historical Significance of the Brass Knuckle Knife

brass-knuckle-knifesThe brass knuckle knife is an iconic fighting weapon which was first devised in WWI. Primarily, this knife was used for two main objectives; firstly, to raid trenches and fight in close quarter combats. This is also the reason that a brass knuckle knife does also go by the name of trench knife.

Secondly, the purpose of using brass knuckle knives in WWI and WWII was to make steady progress with regard to advancing in the enemy’s territory. It was not until the WWII that the brass knuckle knife became more and more popular among the soldiers; subsequently, this knife was mass produced to keep up with the ever-increasing demands.

When we talk about brass knuckle knife, we also think about the iconic brass knuckles that were invented way before the invention of the trench knives. In fact, the earliest form of brass knuckles was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks, specifically by the gladiators and Spartans who showed their fighting skills in the arenas. The poor victims on the other side were mostly slaves who were subjected to the brutality of the brass knuckles.

The preliminary form of brass knuckles was called ‘cestus’ and were actually strips of lead or other hard objects which were then wrapped in leather straps which were then worn by the gladiators in a similar way to wearing modern boxer gloves.

The purpose of brass knuckles is to add wallop to the punch and knock out the opponent in no time. The modern use of brass knuckles culminated during the WWI and WWII; whereas, it was also familiar with the mafia gangs. Due to its brutality, these ‘knuckles’ were made illegal in many states.

A cheap brass knuckle knife is a versatile and classic item; it is essentially a must-have for all the knife lovers out there. With this knife in hands, one might feel nostalgic due to the fact that it’s packed with history. The modern version of brass knuckle knife is not only compact but also lightweight which makes it a perfect everyday knife.

Also, if your state allows you to possess and carry this knife, you can make a good use of it as a self defense weapon. Who doesn’t know the power of the brass knuckle effect? A single punch can help you out of the deadliest situations. However, make sure that you use the knife wisely and safely to avoid nasty consequences.